Italian (-are) Verbs

I made a Tinycards set with lots of -are verbs that I hope you find helpful!!! I've also attached some resources for -are verbs

If you see any errors or mistakes submit an error report (I believe there is one) and tell me!!! If you want to see any verbs added - comment them below and I'll add them as soon as I can!!! If this method helps you, let me know - I am in the middle of making a set for -ere verbs and I'll post again when it's ready!!! Enjoy!!! - SportsOcean

March 14, 2017


This is really helpful. I have been using the verb trainer at verbi-italiano but your Tinycards set is much more user friendly. Thankyou

March 14, 2017

I used excel to create my own tables and used to conjugate verbs fully, until I knew the patterns inside and out.

March 15, 2017

grazie per questo!

March 22, 2017
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