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Lost student?

While I was out last week, one of my more advanced students mysteriously disappeared from my class roster. Can I re-enroll her without losing her data so far? Is there a way for me to find her record? She no longer shows up in the classroom report

March 14, 2017



All you need to do is give the student your classroom code, and get them to use it to add your classroom into the progress sharing section of your settings. None of her data will be lost.


Maybe she just left, students can leave if they want, and sometimes they do it by mistake.


Although somehow this student left by mistake, she also can no longer log in. Her password and login are not working. What can I do? We still have almost 3 months left of instruction. Also, because students are not allowed to have real email addresses, I created a fake one for her so I can't have the email sent to recover the password. I'm at a loss...


If she hasn't used the email address field properly, then she won't be able to use the forgotten password mechanism. If she can't remember her password, then the only option left is for her to create a new account.


I have a private email server that I use for this purpose. The students are never given login information to "their email" so there is no privacy issue. I simply use their Student ID at the domain name that I own as the password recovery email. That way if they lose their password to Duolingo, I can easily recover it myself.


The Duolingo for Schools system lets you reset a student's password for them. Just find the student, click on them, click manage student, and click reset password.

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