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  5. "Ona ma małą głowę."

"Ona ma małą głowę."

Translation:She has a small head.

March 14, 2017



Can this be used as a reference to somebody with microcephaly resulting from Zika? Or is microcephaly more extreme than just having a small head within some normal range?


It’s not a name for any disorder, if you ask about it. I believe it just means the same as English ‘small head’, a head that is small, by any measure used by the speaker. One could use it to describe microcephaly’s symptoms as well as to describe person with a somewhat-small-but-healthy head. Or maybe metaphorically to describe a not so clever person (as opposed to a genius with metaphorically giant head).


What is wrong with headache?


Errm. Are you confusing "Mal de tête" (or similar from a related language) with "Mała głowa"?


Mam głowę. I've heard this for shorthand for having a headache. Mała głowa, in that vein, could mean I have a small headache.


If you want your translation to be added, then you must provide evidence that confirms your suggestion. We can't just add stuff based on hearsay.

The only expansion of 'mam głowę' that I'd accept is 'mam głowę na karku' or 'mam głowę nie od parady', neither of which has anything to do with headaches.

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