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Joining students from different classrooms to one

Hi and thanks for the wonderful learning environment!

I put up a classroom and asked my students to join. Most of them managed nicely but two students have mysteriously created two more classrooms, each one her own, remining alone in their respective classrooms.

Is the only way to get them join the right classroom starting all over again so that they leave the false room and join the real one? Will they lose the points gathered?

Thanks for your help!

March 14, 2017



Send them / tell them your classroom code, and get them to add it into the progress sharing section of their settings. Then they'll be members of your classroom - none of their progress will be lost. The only other thing they'll need to do is delete their own classrooms.


Thank you, Pentaan's suggestion already solved my problem. :)


I can merge two classrooms in my teacher's account.
Go to the page "Classroom settings".
In the right corner are two buttons [Merge classrooms] and [Save].

Be aware of bugs in this program. So test this feature first by making two test classrooms.


Thank you! Will do!


It totally worked!


Perhaps they can send you a screenshot of their progress so far so that you can give them credit for what they have already done. Having already done lessons means that when they join your class they should be able to breeze right through those lessons easily. They could take a pretest when they first start that course that will check what they know so far and open up some of the lessons that they already know. Of course, if they were not really paying attention then they might not get any lessons opened up through the pretest and then they will just have to do them again from what I understand. I hope someone else sends you more information.


They are complete beginners and the Duolingo is for extra credit, strictly voluntary, so who is here is here really to learn. They have done only one or two small assignments so it should be no problem even to start over. Maybe I will sit them down with me, or with the students who joined successfully. Thank you very much!

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