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Transfer my classrooms to another teacher

Hi everybody.

I'm about to leave the school I'm working at. We just started using Duolingo for Schools for learning German. Is there some way I could transfer all my classrooms to the new teacher? I cannot give him my account, since I was using my personal Duolingo account.

I want to know if there is a way to transfer all the classrooms to the new teacher without each student having to share his progress manually and then losing all the assignments.

Thanks in advance.



March 14, 2017



There isn't, sadly, no. Duolingo for Schools is quite a new system, and there are quite a few features such as these which the Duolingo team haven't got to yet.

The best solution is simply for your successor to create classrooms, and get the kids to add themselves to them. The assignment history will be lost, sadly, but you could take a screenshot and email it to them.


It's been a year since this question was posed. I am also interested in this feature. Has any progress been made towards implementing it?


No, sadly not :(

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