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"If it is not suitable we will not sleep"

Translation:Pasipofaa hatutalala

March 14, 2017



This is the report I just filed. I thought I'd share it here in case it's helpful to anyone.

Because "it" doesn't necessarily specify a place in English, you should accept all of ...

"Usipofaa hatutalala." (M-MI)
"Lisipofaa hatutalala." (MA)
"Kisipofaa hatutalala." (KI-VI)
"Isipofaa hatutalala." (N)
"Pasipofaa hatutalala." (Pa)

Or change the English sentence to "If the place is not suitable, we will not sleep." (With a comma after "suitable" and a full stop at the end!)

If you change the English sentence to that, though, you should also accept all of these:

"Pasipofaa hatutalala."
"Mahali pasipofaa hatutalala."
"Mahala pasipofaa hatutalala."
"Pahali pasipofaa hatutalala."
"Pahala pasipofaa hatutalala."


Asante sana sana AGreatUserName ! :) It is still a bit black magic for me this - pasipofaa. As first there is no sign of " if ". I know that appeared meanig that "sipo" means - "if not" but it doesn't work. Nipo - when I am there - sipo - negation ( when I am not ). In this case " if " is only supposed. pa - there ( or place ) / si - negation / po - place ( or there ) / faa ( from kufaa - to suit ) = there not suitable place ( is ) but....Nowhere is " IF ". In this situation looks like this sentence should be - " Kama pasipofaa, hatutalala pale."


So, would "if it were suitable" be "pakipofaa"?


No. It is sipo that negates ki, so my guess is it would probably be pakifaa.


Thank you. That would have been a very useful addition to the Tips and Notes.

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