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Accent of the Speaker

I have been taking immersive french for 10 years now, mother tongue is english and I find the french woman's accent to throw me off. There are many different... dialects I suppose to french and many words are pronounced or used differently. I understand that the site is knew, however it would be nice to be able to switch the speaker's accent!

for example, I had no idea she was saying 'vin' or wine, I thought that it was 'vent' or wind.

June 22, 2012



It sounds like a regular accent to me.. the difference between "vin and "vent" can be hard to understand for foreign ears, but to me she says "vin"...


It is definitely a computer generated voice, but it tend to have an neutral accent from France.


Is the woman from Québec? Or did you follow courses in Québec?

EDIT: I just checked her out. She doesn't have à Québec accent. Her voice is somewhat low, but I wouldn't say it's an accent. Not sure though. There are certainly different regional accents in France, but this lady certainly doesn't appear to have a heavy accent to me.


No, I'm from New Brunswick, which is the only bilingual province, I know the french we speak varies a lot from how they pronounce and the vocabulary in France, even different parts of the province are very unique. I'm wondering if the voice is only a computer, I don't know though.


If anything, the computer-generated "woman" has a Parisian accent, which is considered the most standard and easily understood (as opposed to, say, Québecois or Provençal). Even on Québecois Radio Canada, the hosts' accents are much more like Parisians' than clipped and nasal Québecois.

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