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A Question for the Vietnamese learning community,

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful day !!

I just picked Vietnamese back up again after almost finishing the Tree a bit more than a month ago. The reason is, I am approaching university fairly soon and i would really like to study abroad in Hanoi.

My question is: How much time do you spend on Duolingo (Doing Vietnamese -- Not other languages) a day, What other sources do you use (+ How much time) and lastly, What 'level' would you place yourself on? (A1-C2 Scale). I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm really not trying to spam.

Thanks for reading! ^^

March 14, 2017



I learn Vietnamese solely using Duolingo, but I'll go deeper into it when I finish the tree.

I probably use about 1/3 of my time on Duolingo doing Vietnamese.

Good luck in university!


Ah okay, Thanks ^^ When i first picked up Vietnamese, Every moment i was on here, I was doing a new lesson. I think i burnt myself out...

Thanks!! University is still a year (+the rest of this school term) but it's getting close so i want to start planning now :)


See ya later! I'm going to the airport now, I have a flight to Hawaii in about 3 hours.


^^ at the airport now!


Hi! For Vietnamese, I try to practice 20-30 points every day. It takes about 30-45 min. I also listen the Voice of Vietnam radio (http://vovworld.vn/vi-VN.vov) about one hour 3-4 times a week. Finally, I write down all the words that I forget in a notebook. Good luck!


Thanks!! I'll definitely listen to it.


At this time, I'm only using Duolingo to learn a bit of Vietnamese before I go to Hanoi this summer. I've been slacking a bit recently on Duo, but I try to at least get 30XP daily. I'll probably get more into it before I travel, but most of my language-study time is taken up by Japanese.


Okay, Thanks for answering! ^^


Normally, I study 30 minutes up to an hour a day. But the last week I couldn't make it. I am a freelancer and traveling much.


Alright, thank you for answering!


I do no more than 20 min a day learning Vietnamese. This is the hardest language for me to learn, and I don't want to get discouraged/burned out.


Okay, Thanks for answering :)


I learn about 20 minutes a day maybe. I just write words I don't know and try to study them. I'm not confident of my Vietnamese so I place myself at A1 even though I have gotten far into the course.

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