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"Van sok szép piros alma a piacon."

Translation:There are many nice red apples at the market.

March 14, 2017



many apples are in the market , not on the market


We don't say 'on the market' in English. Not in this context. At the market would be a better translation.


in English it should be in the market not on the market. Rain falls ON the market. People work and shop in the market


Why van at beginning? I think that's the first time I've seen it. Then again I have a memory like a sieve.


------- i think it has something to do with van/vannak used as "to have " in hungarian. and, of course, "there is/there are... " . . .

Big 5 jun 18


IIRC it's because of the feature in Hungarian, that the most important thing is put first in the sentence. I think here it means something like "There ARE many nice red apples at the market" [because before there weren't any red apples]. Emphasis of the sentence is on the nice red apples actually being at the market. Maybe someone native or more experienced can verify?


Would it be acceptable to say piacban (in the market) instead of piacon?


-------- i think not. -ban means in or into, and hungarians think of markets as being an open flat area, like an airfield or a wall, so they want to say 'on ' for these flat areas. btw, a university is a flat area like a market so you'd have to say, "az egyetemen... " . . .

Big 28 nov 18


Ahhhh. I understand that. Thanks for your perspective, Wayne!

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