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  5. "Noi vom obosi mult."

"Noi vom obosi mult."

Translation:We will get tired a lot.

March 14, 2017


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How about "We will get very tired"?


It sounds as unnatural in Romanian as it does in English. No one even sais something like this


I've been tired a lot (of the time), and I've been very tired. They are two different things. Can the Romanian mean both, or just frequently tired? Unfortunately because of the generally poor English on the course the example answer doesn't feel "trustworthy".


Your translation is not good English. You have to say "We will get very tired".


If you get tired every day, you are not getting very tired, but you're getting tired a lot.


The voice seems to put a lot of emphasis on the "i" at the end of "obosi", rather than "swallowing" it as we usually hear. Is this correct?

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