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  5. "Вона моя сестра."

"Вона моя сестра."

Translation:She is my sister.

March 14, 2017



It seems that "sister" in ukraine language is very similar to the one in English. May there be a connection, I wonder?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, those words are related. Most European languages (except Basque, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian and Maltese) come from the same ancestor, Proto-Indo-European language, and sometimes the common origin is still visible.


    Thanks a lot. I heard indo-european language family before. What does Proto mean? Is it another family group or sub-family group?

    [deactivated user]

      Proto-Indo-European is the common ancestor of all Indo-European languages. Proto comes from Greek πρῶτος meaning ‘first, earliest’ (I looked it up in Wiktionary, I don’t know any Greek myself), so it’s like ‘the first/earliest Indo-European language’.


      Thanks a lot. I think we can call it as the great grandfather of these languages.


      вона люблю Bono


      There is вона. What other forms of sister are there?

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