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User Control for Learning; User Extensions of Vocabulary

I'm talking about the Android app. I very much like the way to get into contact with new words step by step: first you see an image, the native word and the foreign word. Then you have to identify the word as a multiple choice. Then you have to know its first character. Then you have to fill it in a gap sentence.

This is brilliant and helps memorizing new words.

Now I would like to

  1. define my own selection of words, which I will focus on for the next time. Currently, I can only learn Duolingo's predefined sets of words.

  2. extend the vocabulary by my own new words. When I read a book, for example, I like to train words, which are new for me. So I would like to insert these words into Duolingo's vocabulary. I realize, that I need to add also a photograph and an audio file to have a complete learning set for this word.. I get the sample gap sentence for free: it's in the book, what I'm reading.

  3. Furthermore, I would like to introduce new languages. Establishing new languages and extending existent languages could be done as a crowd enterprise: people may collaborate as they do for Wikipedia.

February 25, 2013


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