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Audio for swahili

When will there be audio for the Swahili course?

March 15, 2017



Is there any way to get notifications for when the audio is released or do we have to keep checking?


you wrote , that you add sound , ivona maybe will help ( i am from poland and it was a very famous )


They are recording the audio. We just have to be patient and wait.


I'm glad to know that audio will be added. I'm excited to take this course, but I think I should wait for the audio before continuing very far into it, since I really need audio for my style of learning. Thank you to the course creators!


Glad to read the audio coming soon! For me, the audio provides a key element to enable the immersion. For now, having to jump to other outdated/arcane language course dialogue options because they have audio. Or try to pick out words in music or newscasts.....

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