"Mi-a făcut bine dispărând."

Translation:He did me good by disappearing.

March 15, 2017

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"By disappearing" would be better

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I read this as "It did me well to disappear" or "It was good for me to disappear"/"Disappearing was good for me". I'm definitely reading this syntactically and grammatically kind of as if it were Spanish, so I don't know if those work in Romanian... anybody know?


Maybe you are mixing the gerund (dispărând) and the gerundive (dispărare). I think they are the same in Spanish – desapariciendo, could that be? – and in English – disappearing – but not in Romanian: dispărând = who disappears, dispărare = the (process of) disappearing. And by the way – can't you say el desaparecer in Spanish?

Edit: See RotariuAna1's correction below. Thanks.


It does not exist such a word in Romanian language: disparare. It is 'dispariție' the process of dissapearing.


What you are saying would have been "Mi-am făcut bine dispărând".

(El) mi-a făcut bine. = He did me good

(Eu) mi-am făcut bine = I did me good


He did me well/it was good for me... because he decided to dissapear.


Can it also be: "She did me good by disappearing" ?

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