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Photos in Swahili

It's very disturbing that all the photos used in the Swahili descriptions are all white. Why not use photos of African or African American women, men and children. Its not that hard to google a black photo....

March 15, 2017



I think the photos are the same for all the languages. They should include some though for every culture. That would be much better.


Oh ok thanks and yes they should


We commented on this at the very beginning of the course creation process :-). But as Allintolearning mentioned - there are sets of stock images for different words and we do not get a choice of which images are used!


Oh really? ok thanks


What is the Klingon course going to do?


I imagine the companies (CBS & Viacom) that own the rights to Star Trek have to grant permission for the creation of a Klingon course, so they'll probably also grant the rights to use photo stills from various Trek films/tv shows to help illustrate the course, no?

I think that would be cool, frankly.

Anyway, I wouldn't hold my breath one way or another. The Klingon course had been under development since April 9, 2015 (nearly two full years), and is 37% done. At that blistering pace, it'll be another 4 years or so until the course is done.

Maybe we'll actually develop warp drive or be contacted by advanced aliens before the course is launched...


Getting the picture material created might make for a great ComicCon workshop/panel. :-)

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