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On timed practices, I keep hearing that you can disable the timing. Not sure how to do that and getting more frustrated. any ideas would be helpful.

February 25, 2013


As far as I know you have an option to choose timed practice or to practice without timer. No option to stop the timer meanwhile. You can practice without timer first to gain confidence and speed up, then go on to the fast version. I use both, depending on how new and difficult the grammar is.

Yes , but how can you practice without timer is my question.

Olimo - Have never seen this site before. Put it on for a timed practice, but it would not activate. In other words, the practice is still timed. Any other ideas?

This is what I see when I hit "Practice weakest words". Would you show what you see?

Olimo - I can disable the timer if I want to practice weakest words, but not if I want to stop the timer for a timed lesson.

You can't disable the timer once you have started a timed practice.

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When you select practice you're given a choice whether to do it with or without a timer.

I'm not sure, but I don't think it's possible to disable the timer on mandatory practices within a lesson, but the only penalty for failing to complete those practices on time is a few fewer points.

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