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  5. "Ukisoma sana utafaulu!"

"Ukisoma sana utafaulu!"

Translation:If you study a lot, you will succeed!

March 15, 2017



I wrote "If you read a lot you'll be successful" which is a perfectly fine translation.


Duolingo rejected 'If you study hard, you will succeed' yet study hard is a common alternative to study a lot


"...except if the correction bot is super strict with what answers it accepts"


I put "... you will be successful!" Why is this still not fixed? 20042020


Who exactly do you expect to answer this question: the power that be? Well, they (the moderators) as a rule don't read these comments. Just hit the report button and be patient.

Anyway, your translation is wrong, so it will never be accepted.


So how about you tell me why my tramslation was wrong, rather than being obstructive and obtuse? What is the point of having the facility to ask questions if this the response we can expect.

Hossein523800, it's over to you.

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