"Хто буде їхати на конференцію?"

Translation:Who will go to the conference?

March 15, 2017

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Native English input: "Who is going to the conference?" is an expression of future intention (as well as a statement of a present tense action). It should be accepted as a translation.

to Serge Fisher: "Who are going to the conference?" is incorrect English in the interrogative use of 'who'. When we use 'who' as an interrogative pronoun we use a singular verb form. However, when we use 'who' as a relative pronoun, we can use a plural or singular verb form: e.g. "The people who are going to the conference." / The girl who is going to the conference.


"who are going to the conference", why is this not accepted?


This sentence literally translates as "хто збирається на конференцію".


Or "хто їде (просто зараз, в цей час) на конференцію"


Why not Who will go for the conference?

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