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  5. I really miss the old layout


I really miss the old layout

It has been discussed before, and most agree that the new one is flawed. The main reason the old tree was capped was that for some reason the intern statistics of duolingo said that people learned better with this new version.
Well, I don't. Ever since the new tree, I didn't proceed at all. I lost motivation. I lost orientation. I lost a chance to look up things I didn't understand.

I am at a point in my tree where a lot of new tenses are introduced. Without the chance to look up the conjugation tables of a verb I start to guess more than to know. Yeah, I can look up tables online elsewhere. I always resolved to learn something there but never did. Without a sentence I need to translate, there is no reason to learn the conjugations of a random verb. With a sentence, I don't want to leave the practice I'm currently doing.

I also miss the "last seen xy days/weeks/months ago" of my words. It was a good motivator to say "I don't want to have words older than two weeks". Well, I don't know how old my words are currently, but my tree starts to lose its gold, which it never did before.

I don't like the training on the app either , it seems so random to me. I was way over the track for a while, doing 100 points a day, then I started to do less to actually stay on track. Then I stopped to care. There is no way to see how many points I did, all I see are dots and lines after a practice. I liked the coin stacks, I liked to fill them. Now all I have left to motivate me to come back each day is my streak which needs only one lesson, and I rarely do more.

So I'm stuck here, a handful lessons before the end of my tree, without any incentive to finish it. Yes, I would like to finish it. Some day. When I have time to look up and learn the conjugation tables. Until then, I do a lesson a day to keep my streak and hope for the vocabulary to return.

Please duo, fix this. I don't think I am the only one.

March 10, 2014



Vocabulary page will return soon, it is being reworked.

I don't like those lines either, therefore I installed this userscript: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1682701 :)


This is great, I will install it right away. Maybe it helps me to stay focused until the end of my tree.


Have you tried the Duolingo Dark extension? I know for me the new layout was so bright and squeaky clean that it felt cold and uninviting. There was a user here a while back that created an extension for Firefox and Chrome that makes things much darker and welcome.

I understand what you mean about the vocab and other missing features. I just kind of hold on to the promise that they will be back 'new and improved'. The other feature I miss is being able to easily see why you got an answer wrong. I know it's down there in the corner, but I pretty much exclusively do timed practice now, and with the traveling the eyes have to do, it is nearly impossible to look at why you got an answer wrong and yet still keep within the time constraints.

Stick in there! At the very least, you will maintain your closeness to the language until a better learning solution comes along.


Thank you for your encouraging words! I have tried the dark layout but it's too dark for me. I prefer to have a light background just like on paper, and the contrasts of the dark version with the colored icons is even more distracting for me. But I welcome the idea, I actually tried it for a while.

The hope for the comeback of the vocabulary is what kept me staying until now, I guess. I really just realized that it really was the change of layout what started my loss of motivation, so I decided to speak up. There was a big discussion back then and Luis argued with the findings of their statistics, so I thought I will just get used to it, but I never did. I hope the latest statistics back me up a little; I really would like to know.


I share some of your concerns but I just plod along and do just a little each day ... here are some Lingots to make you smile ... all the best Jack


Thanks, Jack, always appreciate your comments!


not at all .. it is my pleasure .. all the best


I lost my motivation over this new layout too. I'm really looking forward to the improvement or switching back to the old one would be the best. Maybe Duolingo can give us an option so that we can choose the theme on our own.


This would be great if we could switch back to the old layout. When it switched my layout to the new one I kept thinking "this is cool". But I also thought that the old layout was nice and I liked it. If they had made it so you could switch between layouts then it would be perfect.


The lack of vocabulary list has really hurt my motivation. For some reason keeping lessons 'golden' just doesn't drive me like keeping my vocab words with at least 3 bars (and shooting for 4). For some reason, this has also bled over into my learning of new skills too. I think partly because I was excited to add new words to my vocab list. I have been completely stagnated for weeks now. On my recent certificate test, I lost two points from the test before.
I keep coming to keep my streak, but that is all that is keeping me going now.


I also do not like the new layout, and it has made me lose motivation. I went from having a, gosh what was it, almost 50 day streak to not even visiting the website for several weeks. Duolingo seems to be a lot more game-y. This is not a good thing. I want to learn a language, not play a casual game. The aesthetics make it look like a cheap game one would play for a couple of hours to waste some time on a smartphone, which is a big turn-off for me. Plus there seems to be my eye lots of wasted space and poor aesthetic design, such as moving the right answer when you answer incorrectly. With how I have my windows, it's not even on-screen! Even the loss of several functions was a slap to the face. If only 5% of people use something (I think that was the number quoted regarding who used the discussions on the skill trees), with 12.5 million active users, that's six hundred twenty five thousand users, 625,000, who have been shot in the foot. I still want to learn French, but Duolingo doesn't seem to be the way to do it for me any more.


Without the chance to look up the conjugation tables of a verb I start to guess more than to know.

That's strange, I still get those if I click on a verb (via the little "c" icon).


Yes, but only the one you are currently translating. I often pulled up several ones to compare and find out the rules and exceptions, I had some I frequently used for reference, and sometimes I just want an overview of ser, estar, haber and so on. I said I can find a way if I really want to, but I lost the way I was used to, and it threw a stick between my feet.


Oh, I never even realized that was possible in the old layout! I always went to Wiktionary for that kind of thing. Sorry, that probably means I was part of the statistics showing that few people used it.

By the way, you can't (as far as I know) throw a stick between someone's feet in English, but thank you for indirectly teaching me the German expression! The nearest equivalent I know is "putting a spoke in someone's wheel" (which sounds illogical since "spoke" usually means "Speiche" in modern English, but in this putting a stick between the wheel's own spokes).


You could say 'it tripped me up' - would that mean the same?


Sakasiru for president! :-)


you are NOT the only one! I also just can't stand the new look


I am with you. I miss the vocabulary list so much. I used to go and practice the words I wanted to sharpen up on. However, it is free. I told them that they need a donate button. I would gladley dontate since they do really work hard to produce a quality product (Free). I bought Rosetta Stone for $350.00 and was so frustrated within a month that I quit using it. There is nothing like Duolingo. It is wonderful even though there has been some changes that do impact the way I learn.

All in all, they do a great job and produce an excellent product that is "free" for the word. We thank you Duolingo. We do miss the older version though!


I agree, the new layout is terrible.


I'm with you, sakasiru.
For me, it's mostly about the vocabulary (previously seen sentences) and the verb conjugations. The previous layout was a one-stop-shopping source, and now it's more like go-fish. And for anyone taking offense, preferring the old layout to the new one is just a preference, not an insult to Duolingo. It's still great.


Maybe my wording of the headline was too harsh, which seems to make people feel offended. I don't necessarily want the old layout back, I only want all the features of the old layout back. The graphics are a matter of taste, you could argue about it forever, and the only solution for lovers and haters would be to give several to choose from. But bringing the missing features back would not bother those who don't need them and greatly help those who miss them.


The great feature of the old layout that I miss was being able to see the trees, streaks (for every language), words and XPs of any user. Will it be back in the new layout soon?

But there is also a big benefit of the new layout: immersion votes system. In the old one, you could get some downvotes from haters, and you had to work ages to earn A LOT more than 100 upvotes to pass the tier. Now your positivity indicator will only decrease to e.g. 92%, and you still can easily pass the tier.


Yes, seeing the other trees is a big one too, less for my personal learning but for helping others. When a question appears in the sentence construction, it was a big help to know how far the inquirer was to adjust the complexity of the answer and maybe to point them to the lesson where it may have been explained previously (those lesson discussions are not readily accessible anymore either).


Without the Vocabulary feature, learning is harder. The only way to hammer vocabulary in is to repeat lessons over and over. It's inefficient and boring.

Without being able to see at-a-glance how many points I've earned each day, there's less motivation. The graph just isn't as rewarding.

Without being able to see other user's trees, the social and competitive aspect is reduced. I liked seeing where other people were up to on their tree. I like that other people could see mine. It was a reason to keep it gold.

So many of the features that were vital to the incentivised learning process have been sacrificed for the sake of an ugly graphic overhaul.

I honestly have no idea how those Sacred Metrics indicated that people got further with this layout.


I really miss the old vocabulary lists as well! I practiced with them every day so I am waiting, waiting, waiting for them to come back. My husband and I and my three oldest children (16, 14 and 9) all use Duolingo almost every day so we love it and will continue waiting for all the great features to come back. In the mean time I am finding other ways for us to practice our Spanish.


I miss the coin stacks and the vocabulary feature. Right now, I'm using www.wordreference.com which works with 3 of Duolingo's languages and offers conjugation charts and a dictionary. However, when the vocab feature returns, at this point, I don't know if 'll use it unless it comes with conceptual explanations as well. (like Duo has provided in Object pronouns before the skill modules. That is working great! Though, i just discovered it yesterday ^^; I've also started the tree from scratch because the last 1/3 of the tree was very complicated, even when the Vocabulary feature was present. So, I won't blame that on the new background or the missing vocab tab. Rather, I think so many verb skills are clustered too closely together. I feel that I'll do much better this second time around because I'm taking more time to soak it all in. :)

I know there is a userscript in place of the coin stacks, but, I mostly avoid those because I'm afraid my account will break somehow. (This is due to my lack of scripting knowledge.) I love using Duodark2 because it helps alleviate my headaches.

I love the new layout. I like how the tree looks with the round shapes and the decay meter that runs along the side. I like how the blue bar is organized. I didn't like the picture of the gear previously because sometimes people didn't know what I was talking about when I mentioned it. Parts of the new layout are more intuitive than the old website. And the new subscribe to forum feature, as a moderator, is one of my favorite parts. I spend less time directing people to move their discussions to the correct forum. Additionally, as an everyday users, I'm reading and commenting on far more of the Spanish discussion topics. :D

The main thing that is confusing is that there are a couple of different routes to changing my course, looking at courses in the Incubator, etc. If we could just move that all to the drop down menu connected to the username in the blue bar, it would be less info to sort and thus confusing. (Even though my favorite way to get to the course change is through the icon near my level tracker on my home tab. That is confusing to try to direct new people towards without using screenshots. I feel that it's a bit of a clutter and has been since before the new layout. It is a bit bright, and the gray they added to help dim it looks like smog.

I'm not anxious to go back to the old layout. I would love a few minor adjustments to the new one. :)


I am so sad I stopped practicing. The old version used to keep me going.

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