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Swahili Update!!!

We are working as fast as possible to get quality audio exercises completed so Duolingo staff can integrate the audio/speaking exercises into the course. We are astounded that the course has nearly 40,000 learners in just 3 weeks of limited-Beta launch - this is awesome and amazing! We are hovering between 15-20 reports per 100 users. Please keep them coming and help us improve the course!

Please do note that it takes time to process and edit exercises based on feedback from reports, but they will all be addressed polepole! As I mentioned in the last update, there are some edits that we cannot make from the Incubator. One example: English, or kiingereza, is spelled kingereza right now. That is a typo, and I have submitted a request for that to be edited. We have to wait until it gets changed from a programming side, not from our Incubator side. Examples like that cannot be fixed right away, so we appreciate if you keep that in mind when providing feedback and don't get too frustrated if there are capitalization/punctuation/spelling errors like this - we are working to submit those requests to get those edited.

The Duolingo community has been very supportive and appreciative throughout these first few weeks of the limited-Beta release. Thank you again, on behalf of the whole team, for the continued assistance and feedback! We really do appreciate it. And while there have been several...uh...less-than-conciliatory-or-supportive comments made in some of the reporting (which can be disheartening - remember that Course contributors are not always 100% fluent in both languages!), the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of the feedback has been extremely, extremely helpful!

Baadaye ndugu zetu!

This was posted 7 hours ago by BrandenRyan

This will take you to the Swahili update :)

Have a great day,


March 15, 2017



Correction; Asante sana kwa kazi ngumu = Thank you very much for the hard work


Asante sana kwa kazi ngumu = Thank very much for the hard work.


That's great news. Hopefully I'll finish the tree soon and then I can redo it with audio.

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