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"Get to know the friends of your kids!"

Translation:Lernen Sie die Freunde Ihrer Kinder kennen!

February 25, 2013



Could someone explain me why do we use both "lernen" and "kennen" in this sentence?

Danke (:


The actual verb is kennenlernen http://goo.gl/Vcxy6
Kennenlernen = get to know someone/something. I believe this is called a separable verb. And you know what to do with separable verbs... chop chop and kick that motherhater prefix to the end of the sentence. There are however exceptions for doing the chop chop kick thing....

Hope that helps!

*Not a native German speaker, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


I am a native speaker and Hohenems is totally correct, as seen in the links! =) "kennenlernen" is one verb but can or must even be chopped apart (love how you said that).


Oh, thank goodness, I thought German had spawned something horrible and incomprehensible. Separable verbs I can cope with...


What irks me about this website is the way they just toss in these essential grammatical structures with no prior discussion or examples. I didn't even know separable verbs even existed before I encountered this sentence, and I still have no idea how to use them or when to recognize them.


I like to think of duolingo as smarter flash cards. It can't be used by itself. I got a short book that summarises the grammar and use duolingo for practise.


This is how you learned your native language, though.


I must disagree there. You first heard, from your parents or friends, new words being used, and only rarely were you supposed to be hit straight on with a new word or phrase.


I'm so old, I don't remember how I learned to speak. However, I can't learn as a child does, so this will have to do. I don't think I'll forget kennenlernen. Oh man, classic German. Gotta love it.


Sticks in your head this way, though, doesn't it?


I won't ever forget kennenlernen after this schock, this is another way of learning


"Lerne die Freunde von deinen Kindern kennen"

Why this is false?


‘Lerne die Freunde von deinen Kindern kennen!’ is a correct translation, but it's not idiomatic. The normal way to express this in the familiar singular would be ‘Lerne die Freunde deiner Kinder kennen!’.

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