"My nephew has an easy work."

Translation:Nepotul meu are o muncă ușoară.

March 15, 2017

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is "o slujbă usuoară" acceptable instead of "o muncă usuară" ?


i think "slujba" is more like a "job", in the sense of a task or employment. i guess it depends on the original intention underlying the romanian sentence - hard to tell sometimes... wondering if "lucru" should be accepted here, too? i'll suggest it, we'll see :)


While understood, the sentence is poor english. I don’t know how to explain grammatically, so will resort an example!

"My nephew has an easy job" is OK. "My nephew has easy work" sounds clumsy, but it's meaningful in the sense that 'the work he carries out is easy'.

  • but 'a...work' would never be used.
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