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When will Romanian be on mobile!!!!!!!

I've already talked with a contributor to the Romanian from English course and they said that they've told Duolingo that Romanian is ready to be put on mobile. If this discussion gets enough view/likes maybe they will put it on mobile faster.

March 15, 2017



I have seriously stopped using duolingo because of how much I rely on the mobile app. :(

Makes me sad haha.


Don't forget to like this post so everyone will notice. Then, maybe one of the Duolingo people will notice.


Everyone will notice this post anyways - new posts automatically go to the trending discussion list so everyone with a subscription to the Romanian forum sees it.


Actually, new posts automatically go to the new post section, not the trending discussion list. The trending discussion list, as said in the name, is for discussion that is trending. By trending Duolingo means ones with lots of people following it. Most of the people who have a subscription to the Romanian forum only check the trending discussion list, not the new post list, so if this discussion doesn't get lots of people following/commenting/liking it then many people won't see it.


It already has 50 up-votes, so I would say that a lot of people would see it!


Actually, the top discussions (or the most viewed ones because of how many votes AND followers it has) have 90+ votes AND a lot of people following it.


I would also like to see Romanian for English on mobile. It makes it so much easier to practice every day. Waiting for lunch to cook; learn Romanian. At the park with your dog; learn Romanian. In bed trying to fall asleep; learn Romanian. On a conference call you only need to half listen to; learn Romanian. Stretching before or after a workout; learn Romanian. Playing a slow round of golf, waiting on the group ahead of you; learn Romanian. Waiting for your Romanian girlfriend to decide on an outfit and fix her makeup; learn Romanian. (and score points because you're learning it to communicate with her mother back in Romania)

Please, at least let us know it's being worked on and some kind of estimated implementation timeline.

Request aside, thanks to all the Romanian for English contributors that worked hard to get the web browser version launched. Much appreciated!


I am using the mobile version of English for Romanians to practice/learn Romanian. I don't get the pronunciation of Romanian words but I feel I am learning something.


EVERYONE ROMANIAN IS ON MOBILE. I have made a discussion on this. Hint: get the update. Please check the discussion if you have problems getting Romanian on mobile. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22755906 Duolingo sent an email to everyone this morning saying that Romanian is on mobile. I included the email on the discussion. Please vote this up so everyone will see that Romanian IS ON MOBILE. If I could I would pin this comment to the top so people who are wondering whether or not Romanian is on mobile would see it, but I can't.


I just logged onto the app (Android) and Romanian for English is now available. Just thought everyone might like to know.


I just checked my iOS app & it's working!!!


i am also waiting desperatly for the Romanian from English course to be seen on mobile


Stopped using Duolingo on Android 'cause i wanted to grow the skills togheter with French and Swedish. Last weekend i gave up and am now just continuing with those 2 . Please bring Romanian to mobile, Duolingo! You almost lost me there :)


Soon, I hope.

But until it does become available on mobile, I discovered a workaround for the Android app (insert shameless plug here) :



Thank you so much, that is great.


It already works on mobile. I guess theres's a bug in the mobile app that this screen "not available yet" pops up all the time. When you switch from web to mobile you can already use it but just for 1 session, than this damned screen "not available yet" pops up.


I don't think it's a bug, I think what you found is the bug. If this was a bug it would probably be a five minute fix and wouldn't have existed for four months.


very strange that nobody from duolingo answeres here our questions


About a week ago, Sebastian (the moderator for Romanian for English) posted that Duolingo gave him an estimate of a month until the course is ready on the app. It's only an estimate, though.


It already works on mobile. I have done one session. All fine. It has to be a bug.


It doesn't have to be a bug, just because the practices work doesn't mean it's a bug. There is probably additional content required to get it running on mobile or something like this.

I can't think of any sensible reason as to why it would be a bug.


Don't forget to like and follow !!! Then more people will be calling for Romanian to be on mobile. *Note that when I say on mobile on mean without the tricks with the dumbell.


I'm waiting anxiously for Romanian from English on mobile also!


Then make sure you like/follow so more people will notice that Romanian isn't on mobile yet.


I guess it's a bug and we have to write here in the forum about it, because they have to be aware of the bug in order to fix it. ... they simple forgot to set the "romanian from english" flag für mobile app on "released", so that the app does not show it although it's there


It is not a bug. The Romanian on mobile is in progress I have talked with one of the people who helped make it available online.


Everyone, I think I know when Romanian will be released in mobile. One of the creators of the Romanian course (SebastianMolin) included a link in their discussion "We are in Beta! [Under Construction]" under the FAQs to a discussion about when Romanian will be released in mobile. Sebastian Molin said, " Read JensBu's comment". In that discussion that was linked in the "We are in Beta" JensBu said, "I also have Hebrew and Hungarian for example (Android app). All for English speakers except Greek and Romanian. The languages are implemented in the app when the number of reported errors for a period of time drops below a specific value. If you want to help: keep reporting errors you find and add a good description." In other words, when the number of reported errors in below ____ then Romanian will be on mobile!! They are trying to make Romanian perfect on mobile. Here are the links to the discussions: Sebastian Molin's - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19057355 The one that Sebastian said look at JensBu's comment - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19142109


That may be the case. Greek has been on Android for a while now, though. Of all the Duolingo languages, the only one that is not on Android is Romanian.


YES! This needs to happen!


Try the app again. It's out of beta and working!


I also want to know when it will be on mobile.


Vote up and follow this disscussion so everyone will be asking


Yes! Please do! I've been watching the app update descriptions hoping to see this and when I realized [today] that Swahili was on the app I got so excited thinking I'd missed it but it wasn't there. :'( Please give us Romanian to go!


Would much appreciate it. Have given this some Lingots — I can't use them on anything much else anyhow.


Thanks! Don't forget to like/follow.


I too am waiting! Oddly, sometimes when I open Duo on my phone, it comes up in Romanian and works! But if I leave the app and come back in, it says Romanian is not yet available on mobile. I can't wait for it to be fully integrated with Mobile! I would practice so much more.


Has anyone heard anything official from Duolingo as to when Romanian for English will be released on the app?


I know that the Romanian team said that the actual language itself is ready, but other than that no.


I'm hoping it will be soon, especially as Swahili only came out recently and is already available on the mobile app, whereas Romanian isn't....


Thank you, everyone!!! This discussion has become one of the top Romanian from English discussions of ALL TIME!!! Maybe Romanian will be available on mobile on the next mobile app update?!


I can't wait the the Romanian Course in the app!!!


Bump! I hope it'll be soon, because I'm going to Romania this summer and would love to learn some basics.


It's up & working on iPhone.


It is indeed. Wasn't yesterday, is today... hey, I'll take it. :)


Wow! Thanks, Duolingo!

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