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The new search function

I just realised I now have the improved search function Luis mentioned in his most recent Reddit AMA. Is it just me or is it out for everyone? If it is just me, here's how it looks:

There's no point in showing what I searched because the bar is as wide as ever but the good news is that the default is now "include all" instead of "include any" so you can use it like any other search engine. It even includes the dictionary entries and apparently it's not limited to only the form you searched (as shown above).

March 15, 2017



Yes, I have it as well. This is much better.

One positive point to note is that the language polls are no longer clogging the search index. For example: typing Lithuanian actually produces a page of links to discussions related to Lithuanian. Instead of page after page, after page, after page of language polls.

Great news!


I don't think I have this

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