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Learning Multiple Languages Abroad

Hey everyone! I've been thinking about studying abroad for a very long time now, but I always come across the same problem; I don't know where I want to go!

For me, language is a big part of the reason I want to study abroad, but sometimes, the actual country is not the type of place I want to go. For example, I may want to try to learn German, but I have heard that the weather in Germany is constantly downcast, rainy, and just depressing overall.

Another thing is, I want to learn a lot of languages. You can just look at all my language flags! Norwegian, German, Hungarian, French, Swahili, and more!

So my question is, Does anyone have any experience with living in a foreign country, and being immersed in more than one language?

and do you thing that that is a reasonable goal to have? How would I go about doing that??

Thank you all for your help!

March 15, 2017



Hi! I've been living abroad for almost 7 years now. My everyday life goes around 3 different languages. As for where you should move I'd say wherever there's a job for you. There are ups and down everywhere. Just find a good enough town and go from there.


Why do you think the Scandivian countries are warmer and get more sun than Germany? :-)
Do you have any friends who live over the whole year there?
Personally I really would like to know if the northest countries get more than max 2-4 hours sun per day.

I had viewed "Goodbye Deutschland" where they interviewed a German couple who moved to Sweden, so I heared a little bit about their sun (at their special location) and winter in general.

but I have heard that the weather in Germany is constantly downcast, rainy, and just depressing overall.

Constantly? No, I would not say so! We have seasons.

I want to be honest with you.
It really IS time now in Germany that finally it is getting warmer (we had one great 18 degree celcius day last Saturday) :-) And somehow it still is a little bit too cold to go for MTB biking (skiing jacket helps).

I somehow hate it that much that the sun ends already Februar-March about 15:30pm to 16:30pm or sooner (last weeks were getting better and better starting 11:00/12:00am; had one day where it shine until 17:15pm, great!). Thankfully Spring and summer gets much better here....
Well, if I could, I would probably leave Germany mid/end of October over the whole winter (cold, rainy, freezing, maybe no/less sun) and do not come back before May.
While starting mid of March usually the weather get's (much) better and end of April some years ago we had 35 degree celcius sun bathing / swimming days; for the last years April is changing... However there still could be some cold (night freezing) or rainy days in Spring between good days.
If you live near a lake or in North Germany (sea) you can even do water sports.
Or go to Holland if you like kitesurfing :-)

I do know nothing about France, but on www.oase.com and other forums you can search about great surfing beaches.
So this probably would be a big plus.

Or go to Tarifa / Spain....

What country can you live in the whole year without having to experience cold, no sun, freeze....meters of snow or bursting over the earth powerlines (like I hear regularly for the US over the last years)?

The better / easier concept may be to travel and move for each appropriate season?!? :-)

I once read this great "Digital nomad" article about Tarifa....


Personally I would have interests to visit Columbia (Spanish) and Brazil Florianpolis or Cabo Verde to improve my Portuguese and for a living when it is winter in Germany :-)

There seems to be a lagune for kitesurfing in some more far travel distance from Rio de Janeiro (last time I looked up that lagune spot it was too far away to do it multiple times a week by car :().

....there even is this little island East-Timor/Osttimor in the middle of "nowhere"....
The northern of Brazil around Ceará / Fortaleza seems to be great for kite surfing, but probably lacks of economics to stay there for a living?

......and NO, you won't get me directly to São Paulo where I read about all it's only cement buildings, no greens, traffic jams, no lakes, no beaches in near travel distance!

Where I live in Germany I have 2-3 lakes in 45-60 min. travel distance (~65km-100km) from Nuremberg and the 4th lake "Rothsee" (sailing, windsurfing, bathing) is even only 35km / 20min. away from my more eastern location (near highway).

But of course I would not be able to do all that in (German) winter November to March/April without getting the appropriate IT jobs abroad or find IT developing / administration contracts from German companies and do it remotely as those "digital nomads" do, I read about from Tarifa / Spain.


A few things, firstly, I never said that I thought The scandinavian countries are warmer and sunnier than Germany. Also, I said "I've HEARD that Germany is constantly downcast"

I don't mind 4 seasons, I just don't want to go somewhere that is grey and rainy ever single day.

And thirdly, I have no Idea what Tarifa is...

And, I have no Idea what 18º Celsius is in degrees Fahrenheit...

Thank you though for your comment!


Hi Dinah, it has been a longer time since we spoke here last time.

Any news on your site about your plans and countries you want to live in?
Your Duo profile shows city "Bremen", so you have actually moved to Germany now? :)
Wish you good luck!

I guess you definitely should give Dorian from the shop www.kite-buddy.de in Bremerhaven a visit :) He has some very cool videos on YouTube and makes some postings on www.oase.com forum all the time.

Past weeks the weather was IMHO really great in Germany (in the south):
Sun the whole day (several days a week), almost no clouds and often even about >30 to 35 degree celsius (86F-95F), the other days >20-25 degree C with not much cold/rainy days.

This is where you can go e.g to an outdoor pool or a lake (e.g wakeboarding, kitesurfing)...
Well, I WISH I could have the north German ocean (e.g Ostsee) with all their beaches around me, but I don't (~700km distance)....so enjoy your choosen location!

Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) in the middle of Germany with the beginning area code (Postleitzahl=PLZ) 3/4/5 also seems to have some major Wakeboarding parks (there is a map website), especially the bigger park in Langenfeld.

BTW: 18 degree celcius = 64F (according to google calculations)


I do not have the experience, I have lived in many countries, but it is always the native language and English. The only country where I have seen immersion in 2 languages is in Canada, in Quebec (French and English).

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