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  5. "Bread contains salt."

"Bread contains salt."

Translation:Brot enthält Salz.

February 25, 2013



"contains" confused me a little it's a word that I have no used before.


Maybe you could think of the bread as a container, it has salt inside of it or salt is one of its ingredients. The German sentence literally means "Bread has salt", but the English sentence makes it more explicit that salt is one of its components.


Bread contains oil (olive oil, safflower oil, etc).. when you proof the yeast, it needs a bit of oil


Or butter, but a little bit of oil is healthier. When kneading, I use oil on my work surface instead of flour to not have too much flour in my dough.


I don't use them alike. oil (I normally use Olive oil for bread) gives the dough some more elasticity, whilst butter will give it more consistency.

I would agree on the healthy bit... just that I've read a couple of articles regarding oil qualities, claims from manufacturers and so :(

I will try the oiling surface though... although I rarely knead because I use a breadmaker :$


There might be a difference between fats that are solid at room temperature and fats that are liquid like oil, but you are right that too much oil isn't a good thing.


Y is it hat. y cant it be be "hast"


It depends on the subject. You would either say "du hast" (you have) or "er/sie/es hat" (he/she/it has).

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