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  5. "Lượng mưa ở đây như thế nào?"

"Lượng mưa đây như thế nào?"

Translation:How is the rainfall here?

March 15, 2017



Something about "How is the rainfall here" strikes me as strange in English. I tend to expect that a "how is" question should be answerable with "good, bad or indifferent" or, less likely, with a description such as, "It comes down in torrents." "Precipitation" instead of "rainfall" might call for a more technical response. I guess it is a question of context and register. If the question were "The soil is good here but how is the rainfall?" I'd know what was meant. Maybe the same applies to Vietnamese. Just musing.


odd question. Makes translation difficult when the meaning is lacking.


You can ask "what is the rainfall here?" or "how much is the rainfall here?" but you wouldn't ask "HOW" is the rainfall, unless it were some kind of convoluted conversation. Please add to the acceptable answers.


In the English that I am familiar with when asking about rainfall 'what's the rainfall here' is commonly used, to which the answer is commonly an amount, e.g.1200 mm, or the equivalent in words, e.g. 'a lot'. The translated example answer 'how is the rainfall here' is rarely used and would be a little confusing.


You should also accept: How is the precipitation here?


For an exact equivalent to "how" but using more natural form, you can say "WHAT is the rainfall LIKE here?" (Or "WHAT is the rainfall here LIKE?" if comparing to another place.) "What is like?" is often reduced to "How is ?" in native English, and so regularly gets misused by non-natives (understandably so).

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