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  5. "Tunaomba vinywaji tafadhali."

"Tunaomba vinywaji tafadhali."

Translation:We ask for drinks please.

March 15, 2017



I am confused about when to use "would like" or "asking for". One is either wrong or write and yet they mean the same, no?


The course is inconsistent. Most often they use "ask for", which is the literal translation, although this doesn't sound right to an English ear. The combination of "We ask for" (a statement) and "please" (a request) is particularly odd. This is a case where "We would like ... please" is clearly more appropriate.


It said the correct answer is "we ask for drinks, please" - this is not correct (or polite) English. My "We would like drinks please" came out as wrong - Glitch I think. Can you fix it?


We (the students) can't fix it. We can only report it so that they (the course developers) can fix it. They don't have time to read all these comments, which are really for us to help each other.


how do you tell if vinywaji is singular or plural?


Because it is a Ki/Vi noun. Singular would be Kinywaji.


25-MAY-2018: Reported that my answer of "We would like drinks please" should be accepted.


Great, thanks! They seem to be working intensely on error reports at the moment (May 2018).
Eventually you will get an email saying your suggestion was accepted (but it may take some time). Keep it up!


Thanks! I’ve submitted some in the past and they’ve gotten back to me with a couple :)


Does this use the habitual conjugation? Otherwise the translation should be "We are asking for drinks." 16052020

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