Level 25

I've heard that people finish a tree while they're at level 13 or so. What happens after that? When a tree's finished, what makes the level go up til 25?! Just curious!

March 15, 2017


Probably a lot of practice, review, and keeping the tree gold.

Yes, that's it. The more you practice the more xp you will get.

It is practice, but in the past it was a lot easier with immersion.
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What happens after that?

There's always strengthening and reviewing to do, so you just level up that way :)

You need a total of 30,000 XP to reach Level 25.

It depends on what strategy or what is your scope. Some people here repeat. the tree many times. Some others do the strengthening​ exercises. The first one gives you more XPs, depending on your mistakes, in mobile version max. 5 per each lesson. Some others prefer to change the language or even try the opposite tree.Or even wait till the tree becomes fainted again

level 13? I am level 15 almost 16 and Im 1 skill away from Half way. I review too much!

No, you don't :-)
I am at 37% with my Portuguese course.

If you are learning the language from scratch, review is the key (fighting against the forgetting curve).

Do you use Memrise in parallel?
I do, and the SR algorithm has additional short-term goals on newly learned words (3-8/12/24h++ review intervals), even for 25-50% finished Memrise course levels (not so for DuoLingo).
This will let you practice more the learned words, where you can find out your weak / difficult vocabulary.

Just practice and strengthening, pretty much. When there was Immersion, you would do a lot of that too. I finished my tree at level 19, where I practiced in between skills.

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