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  5. "Village"s dispensary"

"Village"s dispensary"

Translation:Zahanati ya kijijini

March 15, 2017



Why the -ni on village?


It's a locative derivation, essentially making it mean "village place", converting the village into a location rather than a thing.

The -ni suffix is most commonly used when the word has to be the place in the sentence, but it is not really like "in/to/from" in English but more like "location of". You can think of this as making it not like "the village dispensary" but the "in-village dispensary".

It's also found in some other compounds such as:

simu ya mkononi "mobile phone / cell phone"
(in-hand phone, phone of hand-location)

taa ya barabarani "traffic light"
(on-street light, light of street-location)


I think the most natural translation would be "The village dispensary" without the punctuation.

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