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Can someone explain "as" in esperanto?

I came across a sentence with tiel and kiel, in the same sentence and they both mean as. Why is this?

March 16, 2017



Tiel means "in this manner" (like that) and kiel means "in what manner" (how). In English expressions, we use "as" for both meanings.

"Ĝi estas tiel granda kiel domo" means "It is as big as a house."


It's because of correlatives, or table words. In Esperanto one can cut out a lot of memorization by a table. Ki- makes something a question or presents something, and Ti- answers or confirms something. We do things like this in English too when we say things similar to "That thing is what I need" where what is a question word used to present the end of the sentence. Sorry that I made that answer so complex, googling the Esperanto correlatives table would likely do you better..

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