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"Nhà báo đó đang đọc thư không?"

Translation:Is that journalist reading the letter?

March 16, 2017



Without classifier it can't be "the letter" but "a letter" or "letters".


Duo. Shouldn't "Is the journalist reading that letter?" be correct? Duo makes it quite difficult to tell the differences.


Why can't reporter be used in place of journalist?


Reporter is "phóng viên", or the guy/girl making an interview on the TV. "Journalist" is "nhà báo", the one writing for a newspaper


Can someone explain the function of "có" to me? Thanks!


With yes/no questions (is/not, or any binary choice questions) the có is placed at (just before) the part of the sentence where the choice comes in.

An example using English:

'Do you (có) like my car?' 'Can I (có) borrow your car?' 'Is that car (có) expensive?'

It starts as a declaration, có before the choice, then ends with không. There are other ways to ask these questions using ư, but this explains có as well as I'm capable.

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