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Français depuis l'anglais

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What should I do to not confuse English with French? The endings that are present in one but not in the other are not easy to memorize. Similar words that are written differently in English and French increases the difficulty of memorization. As French learners, you probably have some tips. I know this page is a place of German speakers but my German is not good enough to write such texts. But I will understand if you will write your answer in German. Thank you in advance.

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Hallo, I am learning French, too. It is not easy to switch languages =) I am going to try the Post-It trick. Write French words on Post-Its and stick it on things. Like Fenêtre for window. I have a problem with conjugating Verbs. So i will take bigger Post-Its and write verbs like être on them and stick them on doors i pass frequently.

Maybe it will help you to write down the words you have problems with. Make a list so you can compare french with english.


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I am learning Dutch at the moment being a German native speaker, so I think that I can relate to that problem a little^^

As the biggest difference between French and English is the sound, you should listen a lot to French podcasts (preferably with transcripts so that you can understand what you hear, this is important). As soon as you have picked up a comprehensible French accent, people will understand you even if you use the wrong ending or make other grammar mistakes.

And for a correct orthography, a lot of reading is the key.

All this is better than brute-force memorization in my opinion.

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