"Da, cu plăcere!"

Translation:Yes, you are welcome!

March 16, 2017

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This is really, "Yes, with pleasure" isn't it?


Yup. "Cu plăcere" looks like "que placer" in spanish which means "what a pleasure".


Yeah but commonly, we all say "de nada". Well, in my dialect as far as I know.

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There is also an equivalent Romanian expression 'Nu ai pentru ce', literally You don't have what (to thank) for.


This is like 'no hay de qué' in Spanish, I guess.

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    So, it's similar with Spanish?

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      Yes in Romania, and don't exactly say it as with pleasure all the time, but the exact translation is with pleasure.


      Exactly. The best translation.


      Its more of a false friend actually. Though it looks like the english phrase "with pleasure" the way it is intended and actively used is as You are welcome.


      'Yes, with pleasure' should be accepted.


      In French, "Oui, avec plaisir." could be a response a waiter/bartender/cashier might give when offering a polite, affirmative response to a request from a customer or vice-versa, i.e. the client vis-à-vis the employee.

      Pourrais-tu m'apporter un autre verre d'eau? Oui, avec plaisir. (Could you bring me another glass of water? Yes, by all means.)

      Voudrais-tu un autre verre d'eau? Oui, avec plaisir. (Would you like another glass of water? Yes, I would)


      How is the "cu" pronounced in cu plăcere? Is it almost silent?

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