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Thank you very much!


I have just completed Turkish Duolingo course after a long four month journey! I just wish to say a big hearty THANK YOU to the people who spent a lot of time and effort to create this course. If it wasn't for You, I wouldn't ever start to learn Turkish because it seemed to be a mission impossible and because all the other decent online resources are not cheap.

Besides laying a solid foundation for my future learning curve, thanks to Duolingo Turkish team I have developed a VERY strong affection towards the Turkish language and a big desire to learn more about Turkey itself. As soon as possible, I will sign up for a live Turkish course in a language school in my city and I am sure that the knowledge from this course will be a priceless and an irreplaceable basis for the future.

Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You have bestowed us with very precious knowledge!

And last but not the least, a huge thanks to Selcen who made this course a reality and to AlexinNotTurkey for all the precious and precise advice and help he provides regularly. I am sorry if I have skipped somebody important. Those are the two moderator figures I have come across during my time here.

March 16, 2017

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Woohooo! Congrats! :)

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