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  5. "Oggi è lunedì."

"Oggi è lunedì."

Translation:Today is Monday.

February 25, 2013



How do you say "just kill me now" in Italian?


lunedì moon day? (because lune is spelled similar to luna)


Is the accent on lunedi important? (its direction, I mean). Ta


That is a difficult topic... In Italian, accents at the end of words ARE important, but many people forget to use them nonetheless... Even because of the big use of mobiles.

The accent here should be grave BUT

there are some publishers that put the í with acute accent, because phonetically it sounds like an acute accent, even if the rule says that it's grave.

Sorry if my reply was pretty confused. Please stick to the grave accent on the "i"...

Venerdì, così, sì, lì...


I will stick with the grave accent, and your reply was very clear, thank you. (Bloody mobiles!)


What does "bloody mobiles" mean?


I've a question, too. What do grave and acute accents mean? What is the difference between them?


Perché has an "accento acuto", caffè has an "accento grave". In Italian, as general rule (not followed by everybody, but I wouldn't dig too deep into it), only the e can have the accento acuto. Other letters have always the other one. Città, papà, autorità, farà Così, lì, sì, martedì Andrò, mangiò, però Virtù, giù

If you find any vocabulary with the pronounciation it will be easy to understand the difference between the sounds, I hope. :)

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Garfield hates Mondays, as do I.


i used my toe to complete this lesson. LOL


I used my right big toe!


I don't think it matters though.


its tuesday here!


You can't say that because it really isn't. What i mean is people will be looking at the comments other days of the week

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