You know you've been on duolingo too long if:

1.You can lingot bomb someone with 200 lingots and still have at least a 1000 lingots left...

2.Your mind is still on duolingo even if you ain't online....

3.You dream about duolingo and being online then you try to figure out if that actually happened or not(this actually happens to me quite often)

4.Someone says something awesome and you start wondering why you can't lingot bomb them...

5.When you think just a a few more minutes on duolingo and it turns into being a few hours on duolingo...

6.You actually get your duolingo taken away because you were too obsess supposedly and yet you still manage to convince your family to let you back on...

7.You have over 1000 unread emails-all from duolingo...And you just log onto your computer that morning.....

8.You try to find the meaning of a word by hovering over it....But you aren't on duolingo...

9.You lurk and start trying to like every comment you see only to find that yourself getting lost in the activity stream...We love you lurkers....

10.Your number of followers is more then 6000 almost 7000...Ah I saw an account with that many followers...What was their name?....Yes I believe it was Usagiboy7.....Not sure through I could be mistaken...

11.You try to find the like button for a verbal conversation.

12.You talk to a friend about duolingo only to have them say: Quit talking about that site....You talk about it all the time!

  1. Edhak commented this one: If you have already learnt enough from duolingo and just come in to see the discussions.

14.MasterZsword commented this one: When you know someone from Duolingo in real life and you accidentally call them by their username instead of their real name. ^ ^

15.I just thought of this one: You been on here almost since the beginning...Again usagiboy7 comes to mind...

16.Katred2 commented this one: The icons of which languages you're learning are starting to look like roll call at the United Nations

Those are just a few...Comment how you know if you been on duolingo too long...

March 16, 2017


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if you have already learnt enough from duolingo and just come in to see the discussions.

March 16, 2017

oh dear...I'll add that to the list....

thank you Hope ! :)

This perfectly describes me. You earned my upvote!

Uh oh. I've been on Duolingo too long. Or maybe I haven't learned all the Spanish there is to learn =)

Actually, I haven't learned all the Spanish there is to learn. =)
  • You realize you're practicing languages in your sleep.
  • You're not quite comfortable talking to people about current events in a new language, but you do know how to tell them that you're a penguin.
  • You've basically loaded all the available keyboards onto you various devices
  • The icons of which languages you're learning are starting to look like roll call at the United Nations

I love your number 2! I'm laughing so hard right now!

Guilty of 1, 2, 3 - Also I can say that the man ate the dogs food in Swedish now. The moment will come when I will need that to safe my neck.

Yes, Recently I used Swedish, English, Spanish and Danish in my dreams. I think I used them all in the same dream once.

I will add one of those.

Hahahaha..... that No. 8! :-D

8.You try to find the meaning of a word by hovering over it....But you aren't on duolingo...

Well, I actually do it even when I'm not on Duolingo :D You should check out Instant Translate. It's an extension for browsers that lets you translate words or phrases by double-clicking on them or using a key combination like shift+A. I've been using it for a while now and it's indispensable for me.

Commited that crime . . .

I've done that, and I've gotten really annoyed when it doesn't work.

Hey Ry! Long time no see!

I LOVE these discussions when they come around once or twice a year. The comment that still most applies to me is this one:


My favorite new one from your discussion is the calling people their Duolingo username offline. That's great. I don't think I've done that. But, I definitely dream about being on Duolingo. Usually it has to do with moderating though. :P

The urge to give out lingots is strong. So strong that we added a lingot emoji to our mod slack group. haha

No idea why ppl follow me though. The activity I generate is a little bit, monotonous. :P

You keep adding things and putting my name in them! I can't keep up! xD

Ahem, as to being here since almost the beginning. While yes, it was still early enough for Duo dinosaurs to still be roaming about, I believe Duolingo began it's closed beta sometime towards the middle or end of 2011. I didn't get here until 2013. But, I was among the first group of moderators. And, I got here before donating lingots arrived. Which was in 2014, for anyone who is curious. ;)

What does the lingot emoji look like?

...a lingot. :P hehe
  • 2005

What's duolingo? :-p

I'll tell you some day!

I love #8. I do that all the time >.<

Another one for your list: You try to down vote something offensive on Facebook.

That's for sure! Hi Drew!

You find yourself saying things like "I remember when the forum posts were ABOUT something." in a "back in my day" sort of voice.

Hilarious! Another: whenever you are going somewhere your first thought is "Oh no, am I going to be able to keep my streak?!?!" And: you can spend hours getting lost on your favorite user's activity streams. Aaand, and and and: you fangirl when you learn a new language is added to the incubator. (I danced around the room when I learned Japanese was there!)

Oh, yeah! Guilty. lol

When you have a streak of over 500 days. When you want to learn languages on Duo that you never intended to ever learn.

Quite a few Duolingo users are teenagers or younger. But there is the older crowd too. I wonder if anybody has felt heart attack symptoms while they're doing Duolingo and they're like..."Gotta finish this timed practice before I die!" Just as it says "Lesson Complete! You met your daily goal"..."Thank God I extended my streak." thud

There was a sentence in the Swedish course where it said "I was born in the nineties". Oh I felt so bad lying - and I am only from the eighties.

Better than Yo soy una mujer when you're a male.

I can at least laugh about that :)

I'm looking back at how tired I was that night and when I wrote this...I can't believe it got six upvotes and four lingots (at the time of the writing of this comment)! Such a stupid comment too, but I don't feel like I should delete it. Does Duolingo just like this sort of humor or what?

I have never even done a times practice and I laughed. So maybe yes. It's the humor :)

When you know someone from Duolingo in real life and you accidentally call them by their username instead of their real name.

true...I will add that one as well...

Working in certain circles that is actually not that uncommon. Actually some of my friends call me gibbon_ since it has been my IRC username for nearly 20 Years :)

If you show your spouse your very own spot on the GOHOF.

I do not need to learn new languages. But I cannot resist looking at the incubator to see what new language I can add to my collection.It seems the more languages I collect, the easier it is to add more.

If you talk a foreign language to a coworker, get it right and are waiting for them to make a "ba-ding!" sound.

These are fun! I'll add one: When you grieve over a lost streak & people around you wonder if someone close to you died.

This post is pretty much part of my life in a nutshell!!! XD Number 8 is so true!!! Thanks for posting!!! :-)

When you are writing the acknowledgements on your final report for your science fair project and you thank the awesome Duolingoers who helped you out.

By the way, I did get a B+!

Yep, I'm definitely addicted.

Also: You sometimes start talking in two languages at once!

Sorry I'm late, but that happens to me all the time. I'll be talking to my mother and suddenly start speaking in Spanish. And I'm not even fluent in it yet! true...

If you dream that you got shadowbanned and consider it a nightmare.

I've logged in and my profile page was slow to load, and I panicked because I thought I'd been shadowbanned. This has happened to me more than once.

BTW, you'll still be able to see your own profile page if you're shadowbanned, it'll be just normal for you : )

What does shadowbanned mean?

When you lose your posting privileges for failing to follow Duo's guidelines (spamming, cursing, using the public forums for personal chats...)

Or because someone spiteful has managed to get themselves access to that function.

I guess this is just a natural fear in our human brains? I thought you could only get shadowbanned if you repeatedly violated the guidelines. Is this true?

It depends on the violation. Some violations receive a ban as soon as a single incidence of it is discovered. But, I don't to go into the different violation categories. I would rather that people just follow the guidelines and contribute to a safe and supportive learning community. :)

yep!Has happened to me sadly...I've dreamt of being shadowbanned.....

It also happened to someone else I know on the site. It must be a common dream.

Did it ever happen to you?laughing.

No, the shadowbanning did . . .

One of my accounts has been shadowbanned before.

happened to me before . . .

it is a very common dream....

I've never been shadowbanned, but I know people it's happened to.

I had a really bad nightmare. I am dying for some new software that hasn't been released quite yet and in my dream I had it and the new web browser couldn't display Duolingo. So I reloaded the page and the top bar pink.

hahahahahahahahah I am dying right now.

I have some really strange dreams, including cool stuff like finding iPhones on walls covered with ivy prior to being attacked by a bear.

lol I guess that's almost as bad as being shadowbanned.

I read an article that said being bilingual changes your brain. I then thought, what is happening to my brain?

it is getting stronger and stronger...

You see someone on their phone and wonder if they are on Duolingo. ;)

Lol! Awesome work, Hope! #3 actually happened to me, and I was confused when I woke up! :P

The ninth one was my idea innocent smile :D

I love you for that (-:P

hi I'm sorry Aria I wasn't able to contact you over the summer.I can't log into my email right now for some reason but I'm doing okay.Just thought I would let you know.Once I figure out what's wrong with my email I'll message you.

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Eeee! I sent you an email earlier when I found out that most schools were opening up. Sorry?! Don't be sorry, go figure out your email! :D

I'm trying.....Do you have a twitter or a wattpad account?I'm not sure I would be able to access twitter it's probably blocked at my new school but I could try.

What's wrong, exactly? Can't login, what's the error message? As you know, passwords are case-sensitive; like "a" isn't accepted for "A". If there's another error, let me know. I might be able to help.

I'm on both; Aria487 on Wattpad, and I sent you the Twitter username elsewhere on Duolingo. Also on Memrise community, under Aria487.

Pounce! Welcome back. :)

I won't be on here often but hey thanks!Also are there any new users on here?I have 210 lingots and I want to lingot bomb someone.

oops! 9 and 11 were inspired by you...

Oh! dies of laughing xD

When the people graphics of the app seem like old friends

You know you are too tired to learn effectively but you want to finish just this one more lesson in the tree.

When you can't spell anything in English to save your life but you can spell everything in the language you're learning perfectly


that has actually happened to me xD

When your lingot number somehow jumps by at least 200 everytime you log on . . . . glares at Mary

really? YESSSS!!!!!!

You had a part in it too!

reeaallly? I didn't lingot bomb you! Well, maybe someone else though. . .:P

You know what's going on, don't you . . . .

I don't think I've been on Duolingo too long. A couple years ago when I was doing Italian and learning how Italians say they like something, which was "something piace al mio" or something like that.

So I was talking on the phone with a woman and was really excited about this new Italian expression that I was learning. I was reading an Italian sentence from the lesson to her and she was going "duh" like it was all Greek to her.

Oh this is SO funny!!

.You only come on to comment on peoples pages or make friends.

Also, if you use Duolingo on your phone or tablet, when you need to use another keyboard app for Duolingo, because you know that if you use any keyboard app with Duolingo too long pretty soon all the typing suggestions will be things like "I am an ant", "The girl talks to the shark" or "The birds read the newspaper" & it will thwart any efforts to type in something besides Duolingo sentences.

I feared that would happen at some point but Gboard on Android is still fine 12000XP into the Duolingo experience. It will probably hurt though once I start typing swedish (learning language right now) and from the keyboard perspective suddenly everyone is friends with an elephant :)

How about coming home after 1 (or 2) too many glasses of vino and still trying to do your duolingo so you don't lose your streak. Done that and it took over 30 minutes to do the daily minimum. Now I do the minimum in the morning over café and then do more as time permits. I'm addicted.

I think I can lay claim most of the above! lol Hey, old peeps! Who all is still hanging out on duo?!? Wow, I REALLY MISS the "good ole days" on here!

when you are on a public computer, just to find out the only thing you can do is duolingo but you already did everything.

When you have a crazy long streak, like johnarnold

how did you do the link thing?

[ johnarnold ] ( / johnarnold )

Remove all the spaces.

It works for all usernames.

You know you've been on Duolingo too long have an entire dream in one of the many languages you're learning.

Awesome, plain awesome! 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 happen to me often :D

Numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and the Edhak one, all happen to me WAYYYYYY to much TBH. :D

tbh? what does that mean?
<h1>7 used to happen to me ALL THE TIME until I unsubscribed from the email notifications. Now I just open Duo and I have like 50 notifications XD</h1>

aaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhh... can't lingot bomb. :)

I am so a number 7 LOL

[deactivated user]

    I know your my girlfriend and all but wow you posted this (btw Check your email.)

    You got me on almost all of them!!! Huge face palm moment. But can't write more have a zillion emails to check. Many thanks.

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