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"Ea are picioare frumoase și curate."

Translation:She has beautiful and clean legs.

March 16, 2017



Nobody would say "She has beautiful and clean legs". "She has beautiful clean legs" would be grammatically accurate, although nobody would be likely to say that either.


Correct. The "and" is not necessary in English (though there should be comma).


Why can't it be ”picioarele”? I thought body parts always took the definite form after ”has/have”...?


Well, here are some nuances. I'm writing this as a personal style guide, not as an authoritative position on what is correct and what isn't.

She has nice legs = Ea are picioare frumoase.
This is clearly meant as a general statement/impression about a person, so "picioare" is used without any definite article; otherwise it would sound a bit weird to me.

She has clean legs = Ea are picioare curate. / Ea are picioarele curate.
When "picioare" is used, this alludes to the fact that she generally keeps her legs squeaky-clean. But when "picioarele" is used, it somehow hints that her legs are clean at this moment.


Mersi! It sounds to make sense! The way Romanian uses the definite/articulate form is different from English and Swedish (my native language) but makes more and more sense the more you get in to it!

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