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  5. "Bread and garlic"

"Bread and garlic"

Translation:Mkate na vitunguu saumu

March 16, 2017



I've learned that an onion is kitunguu not vitunguu


Correct, kitunguu is the singular noun meaning an onion, while vitunguu is plural (KI-/VI- class noun). Note that "garlic" is one of those ambiguous English words which can be understood as either singular or plural. So "kitunguu saumu" really means one "clove" of garlic, while "vitunguu saumu" would be multiple cloves.


Is garlic translated as the plural vintunguu by necessity in this case, or can it still be translated as kitunguu saumu?


i've seen it in the singular in swahili as well as the plural, meaning one clove / several cloves of garlic.


Wait so is there a slightly more casual term coz it seems like a long word for garlic

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