"Tunahitaji mkasi"

Translation:We need the scissors

March 16, 2017

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  • Mkasi = a pair of scissors = two cutting blades pivoted by some kind of fastener [mostly a screw] regarded as one cutting instrument.

  • Mikasi = pairs of scissors


Why not "tunahitaji wakasi"


"Mkasi" is the singular noun meaning one pair of scissors, while "mikasi" is the plural noun meaning more than one pair of scissors (MI- class noun). So, "wa-" is not the correct way to form the plural.

But note that the English sentence is ambiguous as to how many scissors are meant, since the word always ends in "s." The most likely meaning would be one pair of scissors, for which reason it is translated here as the singular "mkasi" (although the plural "mikasi" should also be accepted).


Why is it "we"? It wasnt shown in the translation


Why is "We need a scissors" incorrect?

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