"Ligi ya Kenya ni nzuri"

Translation:The Kenyan League is good

March 16, 2017

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I keep getting the same question again and again. This lesson needs to be improved


Again, the use of articles - common english would say "the kenya league is good"


I totally agree, though in the case of proper nouns like this, it really could be just Kenya League. We say the NFL, for instance, using the article, but we say NASCAR without. I would not, however, ask a learner of English to learn either of those terms.


i don't think you could say Kenya League any more than you could say English league. It would have to be THE English League or THE football league.


Once again, it may be the case that people who talk about this thing use or do not use the article. In the United States, as I pointed out above, there seem to be sports leagues that have the article and those that don't. Everything I can find online looks like it uses "the," so I suspect you are right, but this sort of thing really is the subject of local tradition, rather than universal rules.


I think it is much more common to say the Kenyan League. Maybe it depends where you're from. I'm in the Pacific Northwest, and we would definitely say The Kenyan League unless, like James says below, it is an actual proper noun like the NFL.


This lesson could probably be added to another in the sports category, instead of making it a separate lesson. It's a bit redundant.


Correct grammar would be to say "The Kenya league is good"


this is looping. please correct and let me move on!


'Kenyan league' is correct, because in this instance, 'Kenyan' is used as an adjective. Just as you would say 'the English league' and not 'the England league'


Is "Ligi ya Kenya" used as the official Swahili name of any particular Kenyan league?


nope, it's just Kenyan Premier League


So "ligi ya Kenya" is just "Kenya's league" for whatever sport (anything besides sports?) one happens to be discussing?

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