"Ziarele vechi sunt atrăgătoare."

Translation:The old newspapers are attractive.

March 17, 2017

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Atragatoare can be a synonym of interesting in this case at least?


is ziar a neuter word? and what gender is vechi and atragatoare?


If this is helpful, I've found that neuter words take on masculine forms if singular and feminine forms if plural (in most, if not all, cases.) A good way to remember this is thinking of girls grouping together with their friends, while the guys go it solo.



yes, ziar is neutral, there is somewhere description about the behaviour of neuter words and how are combined for example vechi, maybe good guys here who deal properly to answer will give you better hint ; )


Ziar - neutral noun: un ziar, două ziare.

Neutral nouns are masculine in the singular and feminine in the plural.

Adjectives have to be used in the form corresponding in gender and number with the noun they give information about:

Masculine singular: vechi, atrăgător Masculine plural: vechi, atrăgători Feminine singular: veche, atrăgătoare Feminine plural: vechi, atrăgătoare

That being said, while "atrăgătoare" is used here as "interesting" ("interesant" in Romanian), its most common use is as "attractive".


Does "the old newspapers are charming" work?

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