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  5. "Usicheze fanya kazi"

"Usicheze fanya kazi"

Translation:Do not play, do work

March 17, 2017



Translation is grammatically incorrect


It should not make mistake if you just write: Do not play, work!


I agree. In this order of priority/preference: "Do not play, work!" or "Do not play; work." or "Do not play, but work." Unquestionably, "Do not play, do work." is an unnatural sentence in English.


i disagree. commas are sometimes used like semicolons, to separate independent clauses in a sentence. so i think the sentence as stated makes sense.


Can be simply translated as "Don't play! Work!" Agreed that some punctuation in the Swahili sentence would be helpful and that punctuation is invariably lacking when you use Duo's "word buttons."


I agree that "Don't play, work!" should be accepted.


Does Swahili not need commas as in English?


See my previous reply. Swahili has the same punctuation as English. It's just that Duolingo generally skips punctuation. It's the same on the German course, for example. On the questions where you select 'word buttons' to construct the correct sentence, there is no button with a question mark for sentences in question form.


commas might save life: come we eat grandpa- come we eat, grandpa....

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