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Fake update posts that are not from mods or staff

Howdy folks!

There is currently someone creating posts that spread false information about Duolingo, the mods, and staff.

First of all, Duolingo will not use the forums to ask for your email or password. Because you created an account for Duolingo, if they need to contact you, they will do so using the email they already have on file.

Next, if someone is claiming to have updates from or about moderators or staff, check their icon. Duolingo moderator icons have a green ring around our icons and a shield that sticks out beyond the parameters of our profile icons in whatever forums we've been assigned to. Wondering who has been assigned to what forum? Check the link on my profile. However, when you visit our profiles, there is no green ring there. If the ring and shield shows up on our profile outside of the forums, it is fake.

Similarly, staff have blue rings around their icons when they post to the forums.

Thanks for reading!

March 17, 2017




Cheers thank you

I had a misunderstanding over this a few days ago

However it was a real moderator but lacking the green ring

but perhaps the moderator should have provided a link

and that link would have shown this shield and ring

for the green ring and shield do not show on all forums


thank you for this post


I was really amazed at how many people actually upvote the fake posts.


Yeah, I wonder if the spammer has multiple accounts or something is using them to up vote posts... I'm trying to down vote every fake Duolingo news thread I see, but I'm not sure if it really makes a difference with all the up votes. Good to see that mods are aware of the problem though!


I think there are a handful of 'disrupters', whether it's a group or one person just with multiple accounts might be hard for us to tell (but maybe not as hard for Duolingo staff.)

The upvoting/downvoting stuff is either funny or pathetic, sometimes both.


Seems I have missed another wave of spam before it got removed. What was the fake news?


One said that Duolingo forums were closing in a certain amount of days. Another claimed a moderator's account had been compromised. There were several. But, those are the only two that stuck in my mind


What sorts of fake news items were posted?


You can tell because the picture of the person is usually something offensive or gross, and the post usually says something bad about Duolingo or its users, or it asks for personal information (which you should NEVER give).


Why those downvotes??? Thank you for the information, Usagiboy! ;-)

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