"Ninahitaji kikombe kimoja"

Translation:I need one cup

March 17, 2017

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Shouldn't this translate as 'i require one cup'


what is the difference you're trying to show? to me that has the same meaning.


What vicky means is that the given Swahili of "Ninahitaji kijiko kimoja" should translate to "I require one spoon" instead of the given "correct" English translation of "require one spoon" , which is actually incomplete. Reported 2017-07-19


am i missing something? the exercise is "ninahitaji kikombe kimoja" or "i need one cup." Right? Or maybe it got fixed already?


Edit: This comment originally alluded to something very inappropriate. I will leave it here as a reminder not to do that because, as I've since learned, there are children here, as young as ten or eleven. Don't post what I posted, be a responsible adult.


Nope still waiting on the fix. In English there is a difference between 'I require a cup' and 'require a cup (?)' Which is a question


Would you really need to say "kimoja? Isn't that already implied by the "ki"

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