"How did you wake Emilian?"

Translation:Emilian umeamkaje?

March 17, 2017

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Can someone break this down? Thought I was getting there with simple verbs, but this seems like a whole sentence in one word!


U- is the subject prefix for singular you. -me- is the immediate past tense marker. -amka- is the root of the verb to wake up. -je is a question word. Placed at the end of the verb it means how.

You have woken how?
How did you wake?


Why wasn't 'umeamkaje' listed under 'wake'?


Sometimes a language has more than one word to express something. In this case -amka (see juryrigging above) seems to be the better choice for this phrase -Just throwing it out there -I'm still new at this wonderful language. Hari za Kwanza! And: Akuna Matada!

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