"Hatunywi asubuhi."

Translation:We do not drink in the morning.

March 17, 2017

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Is alcohol implied in this sentence?


That's what I wanted to ask too...

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    I would say alcohol is not implied in this sentence. IMO, that would require "kunywa bia", "kunywa pombe", or just "kulewa". But I am not a native speaker.


    I translated this as "we are not drinking this morning", but it was marked wrong.

    When I was asked again, I put "we aren't drinking in the morning" and that was accepted.

    I'm wondering why it can't be "this morning".


    Asubuhi is a general term, if you wanted to say "this morning" you would have to say "asubuhi hii".


    Thank you - I made the same mistake


    Always best to wait for 5 pm.


    Its 5 o'clock somwhere


    "imbibe" means "drink"; so translating "hatunywi asubuhi" as "we don't imbibe in the morning" is correct and ought to be accepted as such by Duolingo.


    I wouldn't disagree in terms of definitions, but as far as connotations go, I don't think I've ever heard anyone use the word "imbibe" without using it in reference to drinking alcohol specifically. In the same way, servings of alcohol are sometimes called "libations," but I don't think I've heard anybody use that term when talking about a glass of water or Coca-Cola. Using more complicated/"fancy" vocabulary makes it seem like what you're doing is the sophisticated kind of drinking, regardless of whether you're actually having champagne and caviar, or just getting piss-drunk on cheap beer and bottom-shelf vodka.


    So hatu is we and ham is you pl?

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      ninakunywa sinywi

      unakunywa hunywi

      anakunywa hanywi

      tunakunywa hatunywi

      mnakunywa hamnywi

      wanakunywa hawanywi


      For both English phrases given, Google Translate translates it as: "Hatuna kunywa asubuhi.". What and/or why the difference?

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        Google Translate is extremely unreliable in Swahili <-> English translation. I would not recommend it as a resource.

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