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  5. "Acest câine este al nimănui."

"Acest câine este al nimănui."

Translation:This dog is nobody's.

March 17, 2017



this dog is stray, or feral, or waif, should be accepted, "al nimănui" (textual, it belongs no nobody) is frequenty used with these meanings (same as ”fără stăpân”, textual, without a master/lord, etc, they all mean homeless, helpless, neglected, abandoned, waif). The word itself comes from ”nimeni” (nobody), from Latin ”neminem” (ne manem, of no man, or more textually, of no hand) which also means abandned, etc.


Just to be precise, the latin word is nemo, neminem is the accusative (nemo, gen. neminis or nullius, dat. nemini, acc. neminem, abl. nemine or nullo). Nemo is a contraction of nullus homo (no man), not of nulla manus (no hand).


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    I'm sorry, but the English is not correct. You don't end a sentence or statement with 's. So it ought to be... This dog is nobody's dog. There is a nice children's book called Nobody's Dog.


    There is no such rule. You can end a sentence with a possessive. It works like a possessive pronoun, as in the sentence "This dog is mine".

    What do you add after the possessive in a sentence like "I'm eating at McDonald's" ?


    "This dog isn't anybody's" not accepted
    As far as I know, we don't say "This dog is nobody's" (much) in English.

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