March 17, 2017

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Is this a verb? Would the infinitive be kuroga?


I think "kuroga" can be used as infinitive and gerund or noun:

Ufagio unaoegemea kitanda huruhusu roho waovu kwenye ufagio huo kuroga kitanda hicho

• A broom against a bed allows evil spirits in the broom to cast a spell on the bed

Je, inahusisha kuroga au kulinda mtu asirogwe?

• Does it involve the casting of or protection from spells?

(Here, "kuroga" would be "spells")

From Glosbe: https://glosbe.com/sw/en/kuroga

A Swahili song uses the word "Niroge" (this would be translated as "Bewitch me"/"Cast a spell on me"):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjaNNV-cih8 (Vanessa Mdee - Niroge - w/lyrics)


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    "Cast a spell" should be accepted as a correct answer. Reported 17 Mar 2019.


    " Roga" is looking like the verb, and "kuroga" noun in plural. But " roga" has also meaning - enchant, jinx.

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