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Duolingo is awesome. French and Spanish are like eachother.

Duolingo has been such a great experience for me for learning Spanish and French. Also if you are learning Spanish and you want to add another language Franch is very close and is easy to understand if you know spanish.

hope this helps!!

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Italian is way more like Spanish

4 years ago

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Italian and Portuguese are also close to Spanish. That's because they are all romance languages (evolved from Latin). I would say Portuguese is the closest to Spanish, followed by Italian and French coming last. I wouldn't base the choice of a language to learn only on that fact though. Take in consideration how much the culture of the countries where this language is spoken interests you.

4 years ago


Hi Makoa3! I agree with you, DuoLingo is an amazing website for learning languages. Thanks for the tip on French! I hope to try it out after I learn Spanish! :)

4 years ago


There are numerous simularities with Spanish and French. I learned French first (although I find the spelling a challenge to remember but a program called Acento helps). I learned Spanish afterwards and found it the easiest (but not easy) language I have ever tried. Unfortunately, my mind struggles with Italian as the grammar is similar to both and the pronunciation is too similar to Spanish for my mind to compartmentalize it clearly in one place in my brain. I need quite different accents so I can switch between them.

4 years ago


Spanish, French and Italian are all alike. This is because they all evolved from Latin. In ancient Rome, the Romans used Latin. And as the Ancient Romans conquered Gaul(France)(In Latin, Galia) and Spain(Hispania, in Latin) Latin moved with them. Just like Elvish did.

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